POD Verification
  • 27 Nov 2023
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POD Verification

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The Proof of Delivery(POD) is a crucial document that verifies the successful delivery of goods. 3PLs focus on including all necessary details on the POD, such as recipient signatures, delivery timestamps, and any relevant notes. This documentation is essential for tracking and confirming the completion of each delivery.

In this article, you will learn about

  • A walkthrough of POD portal and its features
  • What are the necessary steps to accept/reject a POD?

The POD status can be viewed by the following link https://driver-web-two.vercel.app/transaction

1. A walkthrough of POD portal and its features

The Warehouses section shows the different warehouses and locations assigned to the respective employee login ids.

The transaction view portal has below given fields and each field has details of the Consignee, Consignor ,LR number, Invoice number.

  • Pending Approvals
  • Approved/Rejected
  • Pending POD
  • Today's Upload


2. What are the necessary steps to accept/reject a POD?

The employee gets the visibility of the Pending Approvals till date. The team members manually inspects every POD and verifies whether the details like Date, Consignee stamps, Authorized Signature as well as Invoice number and Consignee details mismatches.

If any mismatches are found, the POD is rejected. In case of no mismatches, the POD is approved.

The Pending Approvals section has tabs to accept/reject the uploaded PODs.

 The below given is the sample 'Approved' POD format with the consignee details


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