Shipment Support
  • 15 Dec 2023
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Shipment Support

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Driver Logistics simplifies your shipping process with a unified platform for managing all your shipment support related to domestic shipping. Our dedicated customer support team guarantees a rapid 30-min response time, providing prompt solutions to your logistics inquiries. Choose Driver Logistics for seamless shipping and reliable customer support. 

In this article, you will learn about

  • How to access shipment support for Driver logistics client?
  • How to track my shipment?
  • What are the bulk actions for shipment support enquiries?

 1. Access your shipment support 

For any shipment assistance, you can reach out to us. :-


2. Shipment Tracking

  • Customer portal for shipment tracking:-

Shipment details can be tracked through the given link

  • Staff managed portal for shipment tracking:-

3. What are the bulk actions for shipment support enquiries?

Driver logistics customer support team identifies the root causes for the shipment issues:

  • IOD updation check  is done through the portal to check the shipment delivery status(delivered/undelivered) clientwise.Shipment details like LR number,LR Date,Consignee name,destination,vehicle number can be viewed in the portal.

On clicking the view button,further details can be viewed

  • LR details
  • Vehicle and Driver details
  • IOD date & Time details
  • LR tracking details

LR tracking details can be analysed to identify transit details.

  • Timely Reporting

The shipment details are reported on daily/monthly basis based on business requirements. Transparency in each shipment w.r.t TAT(Turn Around time),IOD date/time and genuine observations are noted as remarks regarding shipment delays.

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