LR Booking 3PL process
  • 15 Dec 2023
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LR Booking 3PL process

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Step 1

  • Select-->(Finished goods/Return) as Supply chain mode
  • Add vendor details if vendor is not available in the database.(vendor driving liscence, pan number(optional),vendor name, vendor phone number  to be given mandatorily.)
  • Add vehicle details in the vehicle master by clicking on master-->vehicle to add new vehicle details.(vehicle number, vehicle type, driver name, phone number, odo meter, status(active))
  • The vehicle details are populated in the shipping details section by entering the vehicle number.
  • Click on Invoice details button


This step needs input with respect to consignee details to be shipped.

  • Add consignee details-->Input name/city/address-->(consignee details are auto populated if the details are available in the consignee table),else add those details by clicking the add new consignee button (enter details like ship to code, consignee name, address, state, district, city ,mobile number)-->click save button.
  • More than one consignee can be added by clicking the next consignee button.


This step needs input with respect to Invoice details to be shipped.

  • Invoice details like Invoice number, Item, Quantity, weight, eway bill number can be added
  • Click on finish button -->click on save button.

Step 4

This step needs input with respect to respective drop location to be shipped.

  • This step requires to select the transfer type to the required drop to be shipped.
  • Click on print button to download the LR receipt.





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